Make Rental Income With Your Unused Things

One day SMS came on my mobile. This message was sent by a gym owner in my local area. I knew him because I also used to train people and plan their nutrition earlier. He was asking me if I was interested in running a summer training camp for people who didn’t know me. Earlier I used to do this often but not now. He was ready to give me good money also but I refused.

After thinking for a while, my mind lit up that I had a lot of gym equipment in my garage, because earlier I used to train people with this equipment, but now I could use it only rarely. I called him that if you want, I am ready to rent out my gym equipment. In short, he agreed and paid me weekly rent too.
Wow, this was a passive income for me without any headache. After this, I found a lot of stuff that I no longer used but could give for rent like a bike, home appliance, gadgets, etc and I posted these on famous rental classified websites. Within a few days, I started getting calls from local people after looking at my rental ads listings. Then this is how I started the rental business.

You make some money renting out your things This is a nice little side hustle to help you make some money on the side For doing little to no work with items that you already own It’s the perfect way to help someone pursuing financial independence retire early to make some extra money on the side.

Hello, I am Vishal Sharma and I’m gonna throw a wild card one on this blog. That is very interesting Even if you are not interested in renting out your things you could think about using one of these services to things for yourself In the future.

We like to talk about all things personal finance and investing and financial independence and all that fun stuff The first way to make money renting out your things is by renting out your car when you’re not using it.
Uber, Ola, Zoomcar, Turo, etc nationally and globally are the major platforms that match someone who wants to rent out their car with someone who wants to rent a car the rates vary based on the type of car you have and which platform you use so you’ll have to look into how much you can make from these platforms.
We are all familiar with renting out a house on Airbnb But what about not only renting out your own house? But renting out a room in your house, I found for these other websites like NestAway,  ZoloStays, and many more.

This can be a great idea if you are creative then you can think about it, using a temporary tent in the backyard of your house and putting up fire extinguishers, you can rent it to someone for any short term event and Or can be given on rent for parking of vehicles.

If I say then it will not be wrong that around 70% – 80% people will be such that they must have shopped for very expensive designer clothing and jewelry for their wedding, but after marriage, all these clothes are mostly adorned in the wardrobes only. So why can’t we earn some money by giving these clothes on rent to someone? Now, most people are searching for rental options instead of expansive clothing shopping like wedding sherwani on rent, wedding lehenga on rent, designer clothing on rent, wedding jewelry on rent, etc. List your dresses, jewelry, bags, shoes, and accessories on the rental platform today.

Similarly, there are many things which are in our house and we use them only occasionally, which we can earn good money by renting.

These are some of the searches on the internet that people often search, such as rent a DSLR camera, rent ac, rent a fridge, rent furniture, rent a laptop, hire a generator, rent home appliance, etc. Whichever of these you have and you want to give it on rent, then post a rental ad today, and yes prepare a rental agreement in which according to you about the term and condition and security amount. It would be better if you make your own agreement instead of the rental agreement of any third party or apps. In this way, you can earn regular passive income without any investment.

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